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A Message From Caroline Bettis

Founder & CEO of BEI

We at Better Energy Ideas Inc. have been family owned since 1979 and take pride in answering the phone in person so we can listen to your needs. We take our 36 years of experience, knowledge, commercial quality films and professional installations to provide the perfect solution for your project now and for the future. Pride in workmanship and attention to detail is what we are about. No job is too small, our consultations are free and we do leave samples so you can make the right decision. Come experience the family touch.

Earthquake Preparedness

Earthquakes, Mud slides, extreme winds and the like. All powerful reminders of the cost of living in So Cal. Time to take some proactive measures. Safety / Security window film acts as a barrier strengthening your glass keeping windows intact, protecting your loved ones from home invasions and natural disasters 24/7.

The biggest cause of injury in natural disasters often isn't collapsing walls or a failing under structure, but flying glass from shattering windows. Contact Better Energy Ideas today to be prepared and safe. 909.981.6295