Your commercial building can benefit greatly by installing window film, which can

  • reduce up to 80% of the sun's heat
  • reject up to 99% of the UV light,
  • reduce up to 95% of the resulting glare

Window films can also offer increased privacy.  Available with varying degrees of light transmission, you can choose the film that best fits your specific needs.  In addition, applying window film for your office can achieve up to 15 degrees of cooler temperatures - this mean saving on your air conditioning and big savings on your energy costs!


Buildings and offices of any size will save money by maintaining a constant and a more balance indoor climate.  Your business will see an immediate return on your investment by lowering your monthly electricity costs year after year.


Environmental Comfort

Does your office or building have problem areas such as certain spots that are too hot with fluctuating temperatures or annoying glare?  Window film can help keep your employees, your clients and your customers comfortable throughout the year.

Protect Your Valuable Interior

Window film can help protect your valuable contents fro the damaging and hamful effects of both solar heat and UV rays by rejecting up to 99% of this destructive energy.

Safety and Security

Your glass windows are actually one of the most vulnerable parts of your business.  Workplace safety is also a major concern for employees.  Safety/security window films are a simple and cost-effective way to add increased safety and security for employees and customers.  Security window films are applied directly to glass to maintain the integrity of the glass should it become damaged.  The window film holds the glass together and prevents the glass from shattering, sending dangerous shards flying about.

Security window film is also used on large areas of flat glass such as storefront windows, sliding glass doors, and larger windows that are prone to storms and hurricane damage.

Specific security window film offers bonus protection from broken glass caused by earthquakes, making the glass virtually shatter resistant.

Protection from Graffiti, Vandalism and Taggers

Anti-graffiti film is a great way to protect your building and provide increased security against break-ins, vandalism and graffiti.  Acting as a sacrificial layer on your exterior windows, window film is far less expensive to replace than broken glass.  So if your business has ever been "tagged", having your windows protected with anti-graffiti window film will result in real cost savings and peace of mind.

Reduce Heat And Glare