Energy Savings

Excessive heat buildup inside your home can lead to high energy costs, glare, fading and damage to your carpets, interior furnishings and artwork.  Window film allows you to enjoy every room in your home worry free.

According to the EPA,half of your home's utility bills are wasted.  Residential window film can improve your energy efficiency by up to 50%.

Reduce Heat and Glare

With window film you have the freedom to open your blinds, shades and drapes and enjoy the view!  Window film reduces glare by up to 95%.  No more glare while watching television or when working on your computer!

Reduce Effects of Harmful UV Rays

The UV rays from the sun are what cause your carpets, couches and chairs, drapes and blinds and even your valuable artwork to fade over time.  UV rays can also harm your hardwood floors.  Adding the microthin window film protection to your glass can protect your possessions by blocking up to 99% of this harmful radiation.

UV Rays Are Damaging To The Skin

UV rays cause cell damage, wrinkles and even skin cancer.  Because it blocks up to 99% of these dangerous, invisible rays, window film can offer a very real layer of protection for yourself and your family.  Window film is like a sun block for your home so you and your family can safely sit by the windows or even enjoy an enclosed patio while protecting your skin.

Reduce Heat And Glare